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Ripe for the picking.

You can’t be right all the time, but as ‘knowledge is power’ we’re here to give the power back to the people and help you take the guess work out of your Lovacado selection and get it ‘ripe’ the first time…


Days to ripe: 4-5

Too hard to press gently?
Back off, buddy and give us a few days! Got us a bit green? We’re going to need some time…. The ‘firm’ avocados are perfect for purchasing a few days (approx. 4 to 5 days) before you plan on enjoying us. So if you’re a capable adult and like to pre-plan your meals, buy us firm so you don’t have to use us right away.

Here to help:
Want to speed up the ripening process? Store us at room temperature and place in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana.


Days to ripe: 1-2

“Like us fresh?
In the biz we call this ‘breaking’. This is when Lovacados™ are almost ripe and can be good to go! If we’re ‘breaking’ it’s best  to pick us by both feel and colour (we can vary in colour, so sorry, we can’t help you there!). We will have a softer feel, but we’re still strong (damn straight!) so won’t buckle under a gentle touch.

Want to see what’s inside? If we’re ‘breaking’, our seed (or ‘pit’ for you industry legends) will be difficult to remove and our inside flesh will be firm and difficult to mash. “

Here to help:
Breaking’ avocados should take a day or two at room temperature to ripen.


Days to ripe: 0

We know how you like us!
Give us a love tap and if we give (just a little bit!) you know we’re ready to go. When we’re ripe, we could have a darker colour, but because we like to play, we can vary in colour, so best to go by both feel and colour to be safe. At a gentle touch we should feel lightly soft, but not mushy.

Here to help:
Ripe fruit is perfect for that day. Store in the refrigerator if you plan to eat it in a day or two to prevent your Lovacado from becoming overripe or spoiled.


Days to ripe: Past

Why do we hurt the ones we love the most? This is one we have to let go.

An overripe Lovacado will be mushy to touch, could have deep indentations (maybe you got a bit too handsy?!) and will have a darker yellow or brownish coloured flesh throughout the insides.

We’re sorry to say, but if one of our Lovacado™ brothers or sisters is at this stage, it’s going to be best to give us a hard pass.

Fun fact! Shepard avocados do not change colour as they ripen. Gently apply pressure on the stem to see if it yields. Avoid squeezing the centre of the fruit as the flesh will easily bruise inside.

Lovacado™ avocados are available at all good retailers and green grocers.

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