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At Costa we love avocados as much as you do.. maybe even a bit more! We’re so in love, we named our avocados after this love..   

Introducing Lovacado™.


This true love captures the relationship we all have with avocados. That warm, fuzzy and (sometimes)
naughty feeling you get when you put down that phone and take time to enjoy the food you love.

We grow our avocados at Mother Nature’s pace and we hand pick every piece of fruit to ensure that when
it leaves our farm, we have nurtured it to give you a premium #metime experience that you can rely on.

Like all Aussies, we take pride in our farmers. Like all Aussie farmers, we take pride in selecting only the
best. With Lovacado, you can take pride in knowing that only the best avocados wear the Lovacado™
badge! So all you need to do is choose how you want to eat them.

Just like the Costa you know and love, we have something for everyone! And just like a real Aussie, we
come from all over!  We grow Hass and Shepard Lovacado™ avocados in Childers and the Atherton region,
Queensland along to the Fishermans Reach in Northen NSW and then onto the Riverland, South Australia.

At Costa, we pride ourselves on maintaining
quality all the way from our farms to your family.


Total Costa
Avocado Farms


Total Hectares


Avocados are handpicked per week
when in season in each region

Lovacado™ avocados are available at all good retailers and green grocers.

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